Our Story

Oil Changers is a proud family run business since 1996. We’ve evolved from simply 8 locations to 31 and growing! As we’ve expanded, so has our Oil Changers family. We are proud of creating a tradition that provides you with superior customer service and therefore perpetuate that mind set when seeking out our franchise owners. Every one of our franchise owners are committed to giving their customers the best experience possible, living up to our “Fast & Friendly” motto. We’ll prove it! Just stop by your nearest location and see for yourself – Fast and Friendly service in just 9 minutes or less! Visit us for your next oil change, emission testing service, tire rotations, or any of our other auto services. We proudly serve all of southern Ontario including: Ottawa, Barrie, Brampton, Mississauga, Whitby, Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo, Markham, Pembroke, Shomberg and Milton.

Daniel Marin


Daniel Marin started in the automotive service industry in 1971, and purchased the Lube Factory Inc. in 1996, when it consisted of 8 Lube Factory franchises. From 1996 until November of 2004, Daniel was President of the company, developing marketing strategies, negotiating supply contracts, and providing hands-on assistance and training to new and existing franchisees. In November of 2004, Daniel began handing over the day-to-day operations of the company to his eldest son, Thomas Marin, and in January of 2009, Daniel sold the company to his three children: Thomas, Julia, and Jonathon.

Thomas Marin


Thomas began his career at Oil Changers in 1997 working at a corporately owned location as a lube technician, learning all facets of the service business – he still proudly bears the scars to prove it. In 2003, while attending Carleton University’s, commerce program, the opportunity to open a franchise in Pembroke, Ontario became available. After a few short weeks, the franchise was opened and Thomas quickly learned the idiosyncrasies of owning a business in Ontario. Baptism by fire, he liked to say. After incorporating, he sold his shares to a long-time employee, of the same corporately owned location that brought Thomas along. Early in 2004, Thomas began working primarily at head office, in a managerial role under his father’s guidance. In September 2005, Thomas purchased, renovated and revived a failed service center in Ottawa, in just 60 working days. The business was franchised to a local operator shortly thereafter. In 2006, Thomas began his role as president after Daniel had officially retired. He is actively involved in all aspects of the business including contract negotiations and the development of new franchises.  thomas@oilchangers.ca

Julia Parker


Julia began her Oil Changers career in 1999 as a cashier and lube technician. In 2006 she moved to Oil Changers head office and began organizing events and other marketing campaigns. She organized several major fundraising events to support the Canadian Cancer Society, Ride for Dad, and Light the Night, to name a few. In January 2008 Julia opened her own franchise in Ottawa, Ontario, working full-time. Her location still holds the record for fastest growth in the chain and as a female owner in the automotive industry; she was the focus of news articles across the city. In April 2009, at which time she began dividing her time between the franchise and Oil Changers Inc. head office. In March 2010 Julia sold her franchise and now works solely at Oil Changers Inc. head office, overseeing day to day administration and advertising initiatives.  julia@oilchangers.ca

Jonathon Marin


Jon Marin started his career with Oil Changers in early 2001, co- oping part time at an Ottawa location. By 2003 he was working for Sylvain Methot as his assistant manager, at the King Edward Ave. location, where he set the store records for excellence in sales and service. Jonathon studied automotive business marketing at Georgian college in Barrie, Ontario, where he mentored under “the guru” Dave Robinson, who owned the #1 franchise in the company. Around this time Daniel was retiring and Jon began to shadow his brother, and president, Thomas Marin. Thomas taught Jon the ins and outs of the daily operations at head office.  Jon has found, developed, trained, and franchised several locations across Ontario and in New Zealand with Brett Erskine the successful franchisor of Oil Changers NZ.  jon@oilchangers.ca