About Us

Oil Changers is a family run business.  We are proud of our tradition of providing our customers with superior customer service. Our franchise owners are committed to giving their customers the best experience possible, living up to our “Fast & Friendly” motto.

Thomas Marin


Thomas Marin began his career at Oil Changers in 1997 as an upper lube technician. In December of 2003 Thomas opened his own Franchise in Pembroke, Ontario. In early 2005, Daniel Marin began handing over the reins of the company to Thomas, his oldest son. At that time the Pembroke Franchise was sold to a Franchisee, and Thomas began working out of Oil Changers Inc. head office as General Manager. In September of 2005, Thomas officially took over as President. Thomas is actively involved in all head office operations, including contract negotiations and the development of new Franchises. thomas@oilchangers.ca

Julia Marin-Parker


Julia Marin began her Oil Changers career in 1999 as a cashier at a corporately owned Oil Changers. In 2006 Julia began to work out of Oil Changers head office, organizing grand opening events, discount coupon campaigns, radio and print advertising, and various other marketing initiatives. In January 2008 Julia opened her own Franchise in Ottawa, Ontario, working full-time in her store as a lube technician and licensed Drive Clean inspector until April 2009, at which time she began dividing her time between the franchise and Oil Changers Inc. head office. In March 2010 Julia sold her franchise and now works solely at Oil Changers Inc. head office, overseeing day to day administration. julia@oilchangers.ca

Jon Marin


Jon Marin began working as an Oil Changers lube technician in 2003.  He worked in several locations across the province to gain more knowledge and advice from the store owners.  Jon then worked closely with Thomas in scouting and developing new franchises.  He continued this role by constructing and opening stores in Brantford and St. Catharines before opening his own Oil Changers franchise in Stittsville, Ontario in April 2012.  He is currently Owner/Operator at the Stittsville location, as well as assisting Thomas and Julia with the operations of head office. jon@oilchangers.ca

Sue Dithurbide

Office Manager


Suzanne Gosselin

Corporate Accountant