Oil Changes

Fast and friendly oil changes are our business! We know how valuable your time is and we will get you back on the road right away!

What you can expect

Our bay doors open as you approach and our trained Oil Change technicians greet you with a smile. We appreciate your business and are excited and ready to show you that you’ve come to the right place!

Our courtesy services

We begin by washing your front and back windows, checking and adjusting the tire pressure, and then lubricating the door hinges.

Your all-inclusive, full service oil change package

We have simplified our service to offer an all-inclusive Full Service Oil Change Package. This includes our multi-point inspection, which ensures all fluid levels are checked and topped off if necessary.*

What we check

Your vehicle’s regular maintenance components such as oil, air, and cabin filters, fluid levels and wiper blades are all checked thoroughly at each visit and only scheduled maintenance items are brought to your attention. Our goal is to keep you and your car happy!

About your oil

Oil Changers is proud to feature Valvoline motor oils. Valvoline invented its first motor oil over 150 years ago, and they’ve been reinventing it ever since, innovating and breaking new ground to create the finest quality motor oils and lubricants.

Our technicians will drain your engine oil and replace it with Valvoline motor oil. The oil filter will be removed and replaced with a Valvoline quality oil filter. Pricing is dependent on the type of oil selected. Choices include Valvoline Daily Protection, Valvoline Full Synthetic, and Valvoline Premium Blue diesel engine oil. Each of these oils comes in a range of viscosity grades to meet your vehicle’s needs as specified in your owner’s manual.

We take care of your car

Our VIN identification system uses a scanner to read your Vehicle Identification Number. We then access the electronic owner’s manual for your car manufacturer’s scheduled service maintenance requirements and all the associated information for your vehicle’s fluids and capacities.

Additional Services

We can service your car in many other ways, from tire rotations to bulb replacements, and much more! Go to your nearest location’s page to see which services they provide. If you have any additional questions, be sure to contact us and we’ll get you and your vehicle what you need!

*Some limitations may apply. We check but do not add brake fluid. If brake fluid is low, auto manufacturers recommend a mechanical check for excessive wear and leaks.


Find the location nearest you

We can service your car in many ways, from tire rotations to bulb replacements, and much more! Use our location finder to find the location nearest you and see a full listing of services we provide.