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If you have recently visited Oil Changers, please let us know about your experience.


Crazy fast service, super efficient. The team was really chill, didn’t try to upsell or push anything. Stayed in my car the whole time and was done faster than it takes to find a parking spot at other services. I’ve been to all kinds of oil change places throughout the US and Canada and this was honestly my best experience so far.

-Taylor A, April 2019


That was the fastest oil change I ever had. Very professional. I came in after a long day of work. I didn’t want to waste too must time I just wanted to go home fast so I called in before to ask how long it will take and they told me it will be fast. Came in and was out under 15 mins. They checked my tires pressure and cleaned my windows as well. Overall great service and I will definitely go back! Thank you!

-Cressent C, April 2019


Had a wonderful experience there today. Leo and the other mechanics were able to give me very useful insight as to what filters needs to be replaced and how often. They finished my oil change very fast, and were very friendly throughout the whole process.

It is a great place to go for an oil change, did it over my lunch break. Some of the friendliest mechanics I have ever worked with. An absolute pleasure. Thanks!

-Leah E, April 2019


Fast, friendly & allowed me to watch what they were doing; standing beside my car, which I appreciate. However, even in their waiting room you have complete visibility to their garage which I find to be amazing for business! … Almost forgot to mention 10% off first timers!

-Raine, April 2019


Super efficient, very courteous, from oiling the hood latch to door hinges, tire pressure, oil and grease, $50. Will be a return customer!

-Steve A, April 2019


I recently visited the Stittsville Oil Changers to have my Tires rotated as well as the Oil Change done, was greeted by Scott and his team as we arrived. Very enjoyable experience, no pressure, within 20 minutes we were out the door with a free air freshener. I will highly recommend this place to any of my colleagues and friends.

-Cole H, April 2019


Knowledgeable staff, quick service & affordable pricing. Keep up the good work guys.

-Saif R, March 2019


I have been going to this Oil Changers for years, they are always fast and the people are friendly. Very convenient, I don’t have to get out of my vehicle if I don’t want to and no matter what time of day I go there is never a long wait.

-Melissa L, March 2019


Amazing service and professional staff! Highly recommend!

-Aaron G, March 2019


Went on a Friday at around 3pm. only one bay open, had me and the other 2 ahead done in 10min each. very fast and courteous! didn’t try to sell me on a bunch of stuff I don’t want done so all the awkward “no thanks” didn’t need to happen lol. they topped up my tires with air and washer fluid, etc. he even fixed my air intake while I waited. I will be back! fast, friendly, knowledgeable!

-Chris M, March 2019